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The Impact of Solar on Property


The Impact of Solar on Property

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In South Africa, green features are progressively becoming more popular among eco-conscious homeowners to save on electricity costs and reduce the impact of Eskom loadshedding.

Our power supply challenge has led to an increase in demand for solar power and this switch is favourable for the environment and our country and may also increase the resale value of your property. Current studies show that solar panels may increase property values by 3 to 4% but this is dependent on several different factors, such as the panels chosen for installation themselves. The quality of the panels will impact their lifespan and they need to hold a warranty as well. Solar panels normally hold a ten (10) to twelve (12) year product warranty and a twenty-five (25) to thirty (30) year performance warranty - your battery warranties are then ranging between eighteen (18) months and ten (10) years, often with optional extended warranties available. South African Coastal areas do pose a challenge to this due to excessive moisture, rust, and wind. In this case you must insist upon stainless steel or aluminium mounting structures. Of course, the outlay of beginning a lifestyle with off grid power will only be beneficial should the location of your property be sun rich.

How many solar panels can your roof hold? Clip lock, IBR, flat concrete slab, corrugated and tile rooves are all suitable options, but the size of the installation is what affects how much you will save on electricity and in turn how much value the exercise will hold. If you're looking to add solar panels to your home, it must be considered a long-term investment. Ultimately lessening your dependence on the national grid will benefit the environment and the homeowner by alleviating the effect of our power supply crisis, reducing your carbon footprint, panels are low maintenance and that they essentially pay for themselves. Not only does solar power increase your potential home value but those who invest in making their homes eco-friendly can use the money saved on electricity to pay off their bond quicker.

If you're in the market for a new home or are looking to add value in your renovation process, bear in mind what features are required for your property to make you less reliant on Eskom.

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