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To provide the most efficient and effortless process for our clients, where all their needs are catered for from start to finish of the property selling and or buying process. To ensure that Property really is made simple! 


Our mission is to establish long lasting business and personal relationships with our clients, therefore becoming their number one choice when requiring any property related services. We aim to become the number one go to agency in our areas of operation by offering a unparalleled service and honest advice. 


Before opening this operation our founder, William Stephens, started his career employed for a top ten audit company in London , United Kingdom and next began working for a high wealth individual assisting with the financial management of over 300 residential and commercial properties in and around the inner London area. The skills gained by having a full financial background with years of experience in both finances and sales best prepared William for his next professional venture: real estate in South Africa. William joined the industry as a junior real estate agent at top boutique agency he quickly made his way to becoming the sales manager of the company within a few years working in realty space. After having dedicated seven years to this top agency in Midrand, Will decided it was time to start his own venture thus Willco Properties was born. Willco Properties is a company that upholds the core values of integrity, commitment, and compassion, based around forming strong relationships nurtured by Will and his founding agents.

"Management is about persuading people to do things they do not want to do, while leadership is about inspiring people to do things they never thought they could." Steve Jobs